The Reasons

Corrugated is a Sustainable Solution

Why Was This Research Undertaken?

Responsibly managed corrugated packaging is good for the planet

Corrugated is 100% Renewable and Recyclable*

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*Recyclable unless treated with wet strength, coated or impregnated with petroleum-based wax.

Forests Help Offset Emissions

U.S. forests & forest products store enough carbon each year to offset approximately


of the nation's CO2 emissions


A Growing Industry


The United States plants

1.5 Billion

seedlings each year!


That's about four million new trees planted every day.


The most recycled packaging

Corrugated was recycled at

93% in 2015

Outpacing the recovery rate.

Corrugated is the most recycled packaging material.


Corrugated the Natural Choice
Choosing Corrugated is Simple.

Learn why corrugated is the natural choice.

Choosing Corrugated is Simple.
Learn the Facts About Corrugated