The Reasons

Corrugated is the Safer Alternative

Why Was This Research Undertaken?


of RPCs Tested Contained Bacteria

In an independent field study, 33 percent of Reusable Plastic Containers contained high levels of “indicator” bacteria.

University of California – Davis

Source: University of California – Davis, 2014. Assessment of General RPC Cleanliness As Delivered for Use in Packing and Distributing Fresh Produce – Draft protocol, 25 April 2014.

Source: Primus Labs

Eliminates the Need for Washing

Plastic is used

39 times

Through the supply chain

Reusable Plastic Containers move thirty-nine times through the supply chain. Every step of the journey offers another opportunity for contamination.

Source: Franklin Associates, June 2013, Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Reusable Plastic Containers and Display-and Non-Display-Ready Corrugated Containers Used for Fresh Produce

A Great Eggsample ;-)

RPCs Experience Almost

3 times

More Damage Than Corrugated

In an over-the road comparison test from farm to distribution center, eggs shipped in RPCs experienced almost 3 times the damage as corrugated.

RPCs Don’t Measure Up

64% of RPCs

Failed sanitary standards.

How are we getting sick?
Where does it come from?

Scientists estimate for each reported case of foodborne illness resulting from exposure to common pathogens, such as Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria, 28 cases go unreported; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Source: Warrinen, K. 2013. Microbiological standards for Reusable Plastic Containers within Produce Grower Facilities.

Corrugated the Natural Choice
Choosing Corrugated is Simple.

Learn why corrugated is the natural choice.

Choosing Corrugated is Simple.
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