The Reasons

Corrugated is Cost Effective

Made to fit

Corrugated Simply Fits.

Corrugated boxes are designed to meet your specific needs.

Corrugated Maximizes Every Inch of Shipments

Providing more protection and lower cost

Better value through the supply chain

Ship one less truckload using corrugated

Because corrugated containers are lighter than plastic, you can ship as many as two or three additional pallets of product in every truckload. A load that would take 14 truckloads to ship in RPCs could be shipped in only 13 trucks using corrugated packaging.

Corrugated Packaging Delivers!

Reducing Produce Freight Costs


Reduction in freight costs for apricots

Corrugated boxes allow more produce to fit in each truck.


Corrugated the Natural Choice
Choosing Corrugated is Simple.

Learn why corrugated is the natural choice.

Choosing Corrugated is Simple.
Learn the Facts About Corrugated