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Corrugated Packaging Keeps Produce Fresh For Longer, Study Finds

New research has shown that corrugated fruit and vegetable packaging outperforms returnable plastic crates (RPC's) when it comes to keeping produce fresh, adding an average of three days to the shelf-life of the produce.

A study, carried out by the University of Bologna, looked at both pathogenic micro-organisms, which could cause food-poisoning, and the micro-organisms affecting the produce' shelf-life and quality.

Tests were carried out under the same conditions for both types of packaging and concluded, that micro-organisms can survive easily on the smooth surface of plastic crates - likely sustained by the organic matter left behind in the scratches on the surface - but get trapped in the fibre of the corrugated packaging, to die from lack of water and nutrients.

Jan Gramsma, Market and Environment Director of the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO), commented: "The study shows the unique capability of corrugated (packaging) to trap microbial cells, which gives it a clear superiority when it comes to ensuring produce keeps its shape, feel and taste."

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