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Board Converting News Exclusive: Walmart Canada to Accept Corrugated
Fri, 11 Mar 2016

The Canadian Corrugated and Containerboard Association (CCCA) was recently notified that Walmart Canada will accept shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables in either RPCs or in corrugated containers. Until now, Walmart Canada had only accepted produce in RPCs unless a concession was applied for and granted. Its decision and subsequent announcement to its suppliers and the industry is a first step toward making a potentially significant impact on future North American box making production.

"As the world moves quickly towards environmentally sustainable practices, we are pleased that Walmart Canada has chosen to support the use of corrugated. The information we've imparted to Walmart Canada supports our position that corrugated is a sustainable solution that also keeps produce fresh, safe and marketable." -David Andrews, CCCA

Along with Andrews, FBA President Dennis Colley, and Trevor Suslow, a food safety researcher at the University of California-Davis, introduced the topic of the risks associated with the unsatisfactory sanitation of RPCs to Kathleen DiTomasso, Manager of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at Walmart Canada.

The tipping point may have been the study released last month about sanitization that Andrews delivered to DiTomasso in person.

The new laboratory study, conducted by NSF International under the direction of Maryann Sanders, Senior Regulatory Specialist and Microbiologist at Haley & Aldrich, Inc. and sponsored by the Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA), evaluated both temperature and time to determine if typical corrugated manufacturing processes were sufficient enough for sanitization. The study showed that the process of combining linerboard and medium to make corrugated packaging is sufficient to destroy common food pathogens, effectively meeting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) requirements for chemical sanitizers.

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